Secondary School Extension & Enrichment Programs

In Secondary School, we offer a range of Extension and Enrichment Programs to cater for the needs of our High Potential Learners.

High Potential Learners are provided with the opportunity to work with like-minded students, so they can be challenged appropriately. This includes both in-class differentiation and withdrawal for extension lessons, which are designed in response to our students’ observed talents and strengths. Students gifted in the Creative Arts are auditioned and then invited to be part of a Working Beyond Years 7 and 8 class. Our Years 7 and 8 Maths extension students participate in a variety of rich thinking activities and further develop their skills with an adaptive Maths program.

Our Secondary students enjoy participating in a variety of enrichment programs, including Da Vinci Decathlon, Debating, School Band, Choir, Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) and the Science and Engineering Challenge. In addition, there are many opportunities for students to further hone their skills through competitions such as ICAS and Maths Olympiad. Our teachers identify and nurture student strengths by seeking out a variety of competitions and projects that would specifically suit that student. Students have greatly benefitted from teacher mentoring with their entries to the STA NSW Young Scientist Awards and the National History Essay Competition.