Junior School Extension & Enrichment Programs

In Junior School, we offer a range of Extension and Enrichment Programs, which are adapted each year in response to our students’ talents and strengths.

High Potential Learners are provided with the opportunity to work with like-minded students, so they can be challenged appropriately. This includes both in-class differentiation and withdrawal for extension lessons as needed. Our High Potential Learners thrive as they undertake a variety of rich literacy and numeracy projects and take on the challenge of an adaptive Maths program.

There are many opportunities for student enrichment through competitions such as ICAS, Maths Olympiad, Newcastle Permanent, the CSIRO Computational Thinking Challenge and our K-6 Spelling Bee. Our talented students enjoy developing their skills through the Da Vinci Decathlon, Debating, School Band, Choir, Dance groups and by completing a major project in their area of passion. In 2022, a selection of K-6 students completed a project called An Evening of Eminence, where each student researched and then ultimately ‘became’ (for a night) a person of their choice who has changed our world for the better. In 2023, we look forward to also offering Years 5 and 6 students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Scientific Method through our Science Fair.