Secondary School Student Leadership

Our local and wider communities require good leaders. Schools have a responsibility to equip our young people to develop their leadership skills, but more so to understand what true leadership is. As a Christian School, we look at the leadership of Jesus Christ to help guide and model our own leadership. His was a model of ‘servant leadership', where one focuses on the needs of others before our own needs.

In our Secondary School, we have different opportunities where students can develop their servant leadership skills. Our Sporting Houses require House captains, who work closely with our Sports Coordinator, by helping organise activities to encourage participation and healthy competition amongst the students.

There is also a Students Representative Council (SRC) where students from different grades can come together to represent the issues of students in their year group and discuss solutions to the issues. They also look outwardly and organise events to develop community and raise money for deserved charities and missions.

When students are in Year 11 they can nominate themselves to go through the rigorous process of being selected as a School Prefect. Our Year 12 Prefects oversee different ‘portfolios’ across the school and take on leadership in these portfolio spaces. Some of these portfolios include Chapel, Wellbeing, Sport, Creative Arts, and Emerging Leaders.

We recognise that we are all leaders, whether or not we are afforded an official title, and there are many other less formal opportunities for our students to be positive leaders in our school each day.