The choice of school for your children is a significant one and I thank you for considering Wyong Christian Community School. Established as a ministry of Wyong Baptist Church, I believe the school offers something very special and unique and, as it has in the past, continues to bless many families as they seek to best love and support their children.

The school is an educational community that is founded on Biblical beliefs, values and behaviours. This means that all our policies and procedures are underpinned by biblical principles. In the classroom, lessons are delivered from a Christian perspective. This entails a comprehensive covering of curriculum while simultaneously exploring any biblical teaching or principles relating to the material.

We believe all children are created in God's image and each has their own individual gifting. Our programs are established with the aim of encouraging and supporting students in developing their gifts to their full potential, be they academic, performing arts, sport or any other area. As all gifts come from God, it is therefore appropriate that we encourage students to then use their gifts in the service of Him and others.

Wyong Christian Community School has been greatly blessed since its inception in 1993. Sitting on 28 acres of fertile plains provides us with a beautiful and peaceful backdrop to care and nurture the young lives entrusted to us on a daily basis. New and modern facilities assist in the delivery of our educational programs. Then, in addition to this, we have a wonderfully committed and dedicated staff who see their position as more than a job but rather, a ministry. Each staff member is a committed Christian, active in their local church and firmly committed to the vision of the school.

Relationships are strongly valued in the school community. Firstly we believe a strong relationship with Jesus is the foundation for life. Flowing from this will be healthy relationships between staff, parents and students. The school was established with the intention of supporting the work carried out by parents in the home as they endeavour to equip their children to be responsive and responsible disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I invite you to contact the school and arrange a visit so you can see firsthand the many great programs that are taking place on a daily basis. Feel free to ask questions and explore further what it means to be part of a Christian educational community and the blessings we experience.

Ian Liney - Principal

Junior School
Wyong Christian Community School - Tearcher playing handball with studentsWhy should you send your children to Wyong Christian Community School?

We have built a reputation in the community for being an extremely kind and caring community.

This stems from the fact that our teachers are all committed Christians who believe that they have been called to minister in this school to these children God has entrusted into our care. So education is not a career for us, it is our calling, and we take that responsibility very seriously.
We get a lot of kids coming into our school that have had a history of bullying and torment in various systems; we restore them, then help them to excel.

All of our curriculum material is presented from a Biblical perspective. The students achieve the same NSW Board of Studies outcomes that all students learn, because one day they will be competing for university and career positions. The difference is that our kids learn the material from God's point of view, as presented in the Bible, in an environment that is much more supportive and conducive to success.

We believe that strong Christian families and strong Church communities develop healthy, happy and successful kids.

Our mission is to develop responsive and responsible disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ; disciples that will eventually become the preachers, pastors, doctors, teachers, scientists and business men and women of the future, for the glory of God.

Please come and visit and experience the difference for yourself - you will feel it!
Middle School

The Vision and Mission of Middle School.pdf

Welcome to Middle School the Wyong Christian Community School way.

As a young student and later a young teacher, I was puzzled as I struggled to understand the reasons behind the huge changes going from a primary school to a high school model.

As a not-so-young teacher, I have discovered that the best reason for the sometimes harsh and dramatic structural changes was, and sometimes still is, "that is how the system works and that is how we've always done it". Middle School at Wyong Christian Community School challenges that!

Middle School Wyong-style is an enriching learning environment that allows for the gradual change from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. If anything, Middle School meets the requirement of the system whilst allowing those children within the system, to grow personally and academically appropriate to their development.

The distinctive features of our middle school include:
  1. At a physical level - its own uniform (check those out on the uniform page).
  2. A blend of core/homeroom and specialist teachers. The homeroom teacher is your interface with the school.
  3. Intentional curriculum integration through our GUTS (God Unified Thematic Studies) approach.
  4. Single gender home rooms (where the population allows) for Years 7 and 8.
  5. Our academic/physical programs have two basic purposes:
    1. To nurture the individual in their personal and spiritual growth.
    2. In order to prepare students for academic success in the senior years.
I know you will want to unpack more, so please help yourself to the links on this site or call in for a presentation pack.
Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School section of the Wyong Christian Community School Website. My name is Craig Wannan. I am the Head of the Senior School. I trust that you will find this site interesting and informative.

Each section of the school (Junior, Middle and Senior) has its own particular and distinctive characteristics but there is one thing that all hold in common and that is our strong desire to equip young people to be responsible and responsive disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Senior School consists of Years 10-12. We've reached a stage in the School's history which is quite exciting. The student population has grown considerably in recent years and this growth has been more than matched in the growth and development of the school infrastructure as well as in the development of relevant and engaging learning programs. The school's location adjacent to Porter's Creek which feeds the Wyong River is picturesque. It is a wonderful learning environment and one which offers acres of space as well as modern, well equipped classrooms.

The experience of Senior School for our students may be likened to a journey. It's a journey of:
  • Self-discovery (Who am I? What am I good at? What would I like to be good at? How do I go about achieving my dreams?)
  • Christ-discovery (Who is Christ? Who does he want me to be in this life?)
  • Community discovery (Building relationships across Year groups, with teachers and with parents).
  • Discovering and developing interests (in Music, Sport, Debating, Drama, Ministry and so forth).
  • Building knowledge (in Mathematics, Science, History, the Arts, etc).

The teaching staff in the Senior School are all wonderfully committed to serving the needs of the children in their care. Four were HSC markers last year and one was a senior marker. But all of our teachers demonstrate passion, skill and experience in their work and this is reflected time and time again through the results that our students achieve but more significantly through the type of people that they become - young men and women who know Christ and who wish to glorify him in all that they do in life. These young people are destined to make an impact on society, not only as responsible citizens but as people who want to make a difference, especially in the name of Christ.

If after viewing this website you have some unanswered questions I'd encourage you to make an appointment to meet with me so that I can share more with you about what makes Wyong Christian Community School such a great school.
Principal: Mr Ian Liney

Assistant Principal: Mr Darren Milligan

Business Manager: Mr Grant Kayes

Heads of School
  • Mr Allan Dougan (Senior School)
  • Mr Stephen Moody (Middle School)
  • Mr Paul Marks (Junior School)

Learning Leaders
  • Mrs Meg Baker (Learning Support)
  • Mr Peter Harrison (Science, acting)
  • Mr Chris Hogbin (Maths)
  • Mrs Jenny Mason (English)
  • Mr Eden McGregor (TAS)
  • Mr Paul Newton (HSIE)
  • Mrs Shae Crocker (PDHPE)
  • Mrs Suzanne Stein (CAPA)

Secondary Teaching Staff
  • Mr Aaron Batterham
  • Miss Christina Clark
  • Mr Toby Coates
  • Mrs Hannah Gierhart
  • Mrs Christine Harrison
  • Mr Peter Harrison
  • Mr Alex Hellyer
  • Miss Katty Jaeger
  • Mrs Kim Manwaring
  • Mrs Jenny Mason
  • Mrs Simone Newton
  • Miss Kelly O'Gara
  • Mrs Tonia Parsons
  • Mrs Cheryl Rainger
  • Mr Brad Robson
  • Mrs Jane Samways
  • Mr Kevin Simington
  • Mr Craig Wannan
  • Mrs Lina Williams
  • Mrs Katie Worboys

Junior School Teaching Staff
  • Mrs Sharon Austin
  • Mr Bill Creanor
  • Mrs Deb Cutugno
  • Ms Colleen Harris
  • Mr Robert Higgins
  • Mr Allan Jones
  • Mrs Bernadette Jones
  • Mrs Melinda McKay
  • Mrs Elizabeth Marks
  • Mr Dean Knibbs
  • Mrs Diane Ormsby
  • Mrs Roz Scarr
  • Miss Alicia Simes
  • Mrs Sandy Simington
  • Mrs Kerrie Smithers
  • Mr Steven Thomson

Student Support Team
  • Mrs Delwyn Colbert
  • Mrs Kerrie Jeffriess
  • Mrs Karen Williams

  • Mrs Bronwyn Hutchings
  • Mrs Dianne Creanor


  • Mrs Jessica Crocombe
  • Mrs Alison Dalton
  • Mrs Janine Hellyer
  • Mrs Susan Johnston
  • Mrs Tammy Monk
  • Mrs Emma Williams

Chaplain: Miss Zoe Sidiropoulos

  • Mrs Glenys Drennan
  • Mrs Cheryl Andrews

IT Support
  • Mr Robert Matthews
  • Mr Peter Rennie

Property Maintenance
  • Mr Neil Higgins
  • Mr Simon Williams

Laboratory Assistant: Mrs Julie Pleash

Canteen Manager: Mrs Karyn Newman

The history of Wyong Christian Community School.

The school began in 1993 catering from Kindergarten to Year 6. Born out of a vision of the people at Wyong Baptist Church, the school started with just 24 students and a single teacher based at the rear of the church building.

We have grown steadily each year. Modern facilities and well equipped classrooms provide specialist facilities across the full school curriculum including Art, Music, Computers, Food Technology, Textiles, Technics, Science and Sport. Now catering for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12, our commitment is to provide the necessary resources to achieve 'excellence in education' in line with the growth of the school.

WCCS is affiliated with Christian Schools Australia. Christian Schools Australia is an interdenominational fellowship of some 150 member schools in Australia providing our school with curriculum development, advice in administrative matters and lobbying of Government and other associated bodies.

The school is located in the Wyong shire and situated in a wonderful rural setting. Our classrooms are modern and spacious which enhances the learning environment. We have large recreation areas with ample shade.

Quality relationships between staff, students and parents are fostered in strength and commitment, working together with a vision for educating young people. We encourage all parents to become involved in the school community.

Our 'purpose' is to provide a Christian educational community founded on Biblically-based beliefs, values and behaviour. We do this to equip young people to be responsible and responsive disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Wyong Baptist Church and School Board share the desire that our children will grow in grace and wisdom in the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christian education begins in the home. Our school recognises that parents have the God-given responsibility for the upbringing of their children. Wyong Christian Community School seeks to support Christian parents in this task.
There are very many different bodies that have helped to make Wyong CCS what it is today. The school has always been regarded as one of the many ministries of
Wyong Baptist Church.

Other associates include:
Christian Schools Australia
Christian Schools Sports Association
Association of Independent Schools

What is a Christian School?
Choosing to send your child to a Christian School is an important decision. On occasion Christian Schools can sometimes be grouped with Church schools in terms of their philosophy. Whilst there exists some similarities there are also some key differences.

A Christian School is created with the premise that Biblical principles and values underpin everything that we do and permeate through every area of school life, not just in religious education lessons or weekly chapel services.

All staff (not just teaching staff) that work at the school are committed Christians and passionate about sharing their faith with the students. This means they are not just sympathetic to the ethos of the school, rather that they are intentional in whatever their role, to contribute to the growth in spiritual maturity of the students in our care. Administration staff, Groundsman, and IT support staff are all involved at times with school camps, sporting events, festival days or other initiatives. The staff as a collective body meet every morning for devotions, led by each member of staff on a rotational basis. This is a time of worship, fellowship, prayer, teaching and encouragement and helps us all to be better equipped in the roles we have to contribute to the school.

Wyong Christian Community School, like most other Christian schools was originally set up to be a partnership between the home and the school to raise up young people who are committed in their faith, understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and have a desire to live out their faith through action.

What this means in terms of curriculum is that all content is taught from a Christian perspective. Whilst some particular subjects or topics within subjects lend themselves better to incorporating Christian values and Biblical principles all teachers are given the specific mandate to embed a Christian perspective into everything they teach.

What it means in terms of pastoral care and discipline of students is that policies and procedures are written and enacted from a Biblical perspective. Working hard, being kind, showing respect, valuing others, speaking the truth in love, providing correction from a loving perspective and being effective peacemakers are all important Biblical principles that have their outworking in pastoral care and discipline.
Why Christian Community Schooling?
Raising young people to grow up to be mature and responsible members of society will always remain a challenge. The messages that they receive and role models they have are not always positive. Notions of materialism, selfishness, pride, envy, sexual promiscuity and discontentment are ideas that are repeatedly and overwhelmingly being presented to our children. The challenge to combat such negative (often subliminal) messages can be quite overwhelming.

At WCCS we believe that the more the students can be influenced in a positive way and understand what God, through His word the Bible, has to say on these and many other issues, the more likely they will respond in a positive manner.

We believe that the issues and content that is discussed during lessons has eternal significance and the students should find their hope, their self worth, their identity and their purpose in life through serving Jesus. These are not messages that the wider society is presenting to the students and it is for this reason that we see the thousands of hours that students spend in school as an opportunity to invest in their lives and help them to grow up into responsive and responsible disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.
WCCS and Christian Education.
Christian education does not begin when a child enrols in our school, rather it begins in the home and our school recognises that parents have the God-given responsibility for the upbringing of their children. Therefore, our school sees its role as that of supporting Christian parents in this task.

We will teach your child that;

The Bible is God's word, inspired by the Holy Spirit and totally trustworthy.

There is one Holy God, existing eternally as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is the Creator of all things visible and invisible.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who became man through conception by the Holy Spirit and virgin birth and was without sin.

All men are fallen, sinful and in a lost condition through the rebellion of Adam and Eve.

In love, Jesus Christ voluntarily suffered the penalty of death by crucifixion for the sin of the whole world. He was buried and rose from the dead, signifying God's acceptance of His sacrifice. He is now seated at the right hand of God.

By personal faith in Christ, one can know the complete forgiveness of sins, be reconciled to God, become a member of the family of God and receive eternal life. Those who do not accept Jesus Christ as Saviour will be separated from God eternally.

Satan does actually exist and is the father of all evil, opposed to God and destined to be confined forever in Hell.

Christ lives in every Christian's life by the presence of the Holy Spirit from the moment they accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord. The Holy Spirit guides, instructs and empowers the believer for Godly living and service.

There are two ordinances instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ - Baptism and the Lord's supper.

The Lord Jesus Christ will return in person to receive all believers to Himself and to complete the restoration of His Kingdom. All believers will be united with Him eternally, and there will be a new heaven and earth in which God's sovereignty will be unchallenged.

All staff work under the specific mandate that Biblical principles and Christian values permeate everything we do. In the classroom this has its outworking in various ways. For example, History lessons will incorporate the ideas of sacrifice and laying down one's life for others as Jesus did for all of us. Science and Maths lessons will incorporate the creativity and order that God demonstrates throughout our world. English will involve work on appreciating the God given ability to communicate with others and with Him. PDHPE will focus on relationship and God's desire to be in relationship with us and others. CAPA and TAS will include a strong emphasis on utilising our creative talents and abilities to bring glory to God. All legislated syllabus requirements are comprehensively addressed. Within that context however, different sections of each syllabus allow scope to effectively and intentionally help students grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and how we should respond to what His death on the cross and resurrection means for our lives.

Helping students grow up into the young men and women of God that He would have them be is not a path without bumps. Staff work hard at investing in the students under their care and see their role as being one of God's tools to encourage the students in their faith. This may be through role modelling and mentoring, through rebuking and correcting, or simply loving, caring and supporting students on their journey through to adulthood.

In all our endeavours our desire is to partner with the home, to share the common goal of growing the students in their spiritual maturity. We passionately believe that this can be done without compromising, indeed actually complementing, their academic, sporting, creative and social potential. A strong message given to the students is that fulfilling their potential in whatever capacity they are gifted in is a powerful witness and brings glory to our Creator!
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The map that loads, shows regions serviced by each bus company. Please click on the regions for more info and timetables.
Please find our application for enrolment form in the next menu button titled "Documents and Forms". Or click on this link to load the file in another window.
Statement of Faith PDF file
Application for enrolment PDF file
Enrolment Procedure and Policy PDF file
Application for Exemption from Attendance at School PDF file
School Fees for 2015 PDF file
Uniform Price List PDF file
Schools Essentials Booklet 2015 PDF file
Teachers Application Form PDF file
Annual Report 2014 PDF file
Lunch Box Menu 2015 PDF file
Canteen Volunteers and Email Request PDF file
Travel Arrangements Kinder 1 and 2 PDF file
Chaplaincy Information PDF file
Privacy Policy PDF file
Pictures of acceptable and unacceptable school shoes PDF file
Term Dates 2015 PDF file
2016 Secondary Teaching Positions Available:

Commencing Term 1 in 2016

  • Secondary Mathematics Teacher
    • Full Time (1.0FTE)
  • Secondary PDHPE Teacher
    • Full Time (1.0 FTE)

The successful applicants will demonstrate excellence in the following areas:
  • Affirm a personal belief in the school’s Statement of Faith as accessible on the school website
  • Be actively involved in their local church
  • Have strong interpersonal skills
  • Exemplary teaching skills together with a sound curriculum knowledge
  • The ability to deliver curriculum from Year 7 through to HSC level

To apply for either of these positions, please download and complete the Teacher Application Form from our website:

The completed Application Form together with supporting documentation should be submitted to the School by email: or post to PO Box 550 WYONG NSW 2259

For further information please contact Janine Hellyer on 4351 2020

Applications for this position will close Friday 2 October 2015

Early applications are welcomed

We welcome casual teacher applications from qualified, capable and enthusiastic Christian teachers. It is essential teachers are actively involved in their local Church and affirm a personal belief in the School's Statement Of Faith as accessible on the School's website.

Interested applicants should complete the Teacher Application Form available below or contact the Principal's PA on 4351 2020 for further information.

Statement of Faith
Teacher Application Form
Administration Application Form
Working With Children Check website
Creative and Performing Arts

Creative and Performing Arts allows students to develop and use their God given talents in many areas. It also provides many opportunities for considered discussions regarding fruitful uses of performing arts mediums; those that contribute to God's kingdom and those that seek to take away from it. Students are taught to recognise the talents they have are a gift from God and should be used to glorify Him. They learn discernment from a Biblical perspective in relation to performing arts.

Our Visual Arts program involves specialist teachers throughout Middle School and this continues with Visual Arts Elective, in Year 9 and 10, and Preliminary and Higher School Certificate Courses.

Drama is a vital part of our program with students exposed to Drama as part of the Year 7 and Year 8 program and then as an option for Years 9 - 12.

Our specialist Music teachers start teaching Kindergarten classes and continue through to Elective and Senior School Music with the option of Music 1, Music 2 and Extension Music in Higher School Certificate.
What is English?

At Wyong Christian Community School, English is the key learning area where students develop knowledge, skills and understandings in English language and literature. It is an area of the curriculum that has great influence. Within this key learning area, values and attitudes as well as knowledge and skills are taught, developed and critically appraised. It is relevant to all other learning areas as thoughts, ideas, concepts and theories need to be expressed for them to be understood, appreciated and developed.

Language is the God-given ability to communicate in spoken and written forms. God, the Creator, gave us language to commune with Him, to think and reason, and to communicate with each other. English is a widely used language throughout the world and the official language of Australia.

English is important in the curriculum because it is the language through which most communication and learning takes place within schools. The ability to communicate through language is God-given. Language is intimately linked to the processes of thought. It is, therefore, integral to personal development and the realisation of God-given gifts and abilities.

Language enables us to know more of God and communicate our understandings of Him; explore and expand our private and public worlds; organise our experience; and form, recognise and reveal our values and attitudes.

Learning for the most part occurs as students use language; and as they speak, listen, read, write, observe and reflect upon the processes of their own learning. Learning best takes place in the context of activities that are enjoyable and appropriate to the student's needs, interests and capacities. These activities should include every day communication and personal expression, both formal and informal, using literature and the media.

As values are inextricably embedded in language, Christian teachers should recognise that their faith will inevitably disclose itself in all forms of language activity.

Because the English language is our main form of communication, it is important that students develop a command of English in all its forms. The study of English is essential to the student being able to read and understand God's Word, the Bible. English is not only an area of study in the curriculum but is also a tool that is used across the curriculum through which students learn, express and are assessed.

What is involved in English at WCCS?

At Wyong Christian Community School, teaching English involves:
  • Developing the ability to read and understand God's Word, "rightly handling the Word of Truth"(2 Timothy 2:15).
  • Recognising and developing each student's gifts and abilities to communicate for the good, not only of the student, but also for his or her community.
  • An understanding that is the basis for communication will be "speaking the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15). This implies a consistent regard for the truth, and a consideration for others in what is said.
  • Respecting the student and the language he or she has learnt at home, while at the same time guiding and instructing the student to understand and use language that is acceptable and appropriate.
  • Developing in the student discernment in reading, speaking, viewing, writing and listening and helping the students to understand that what is being read, heard and viewed will effect his or her thoughts, words and actions. The Biblical test should be that of Philippians 4:8 "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things."
  • Developing in the student the ability to communicate effectively and creatively in a variety of oral and written forms.
  • Encouraging in the students a love of reading and enabling the student to master the skills of reading and to acquire effective reading habits.

Why English?
At Wyong Christian Community School, English is taught so that we can help children to become effective communicators who are able to read, understand and respond to God's Word and to communicate its truth to others.

Teachers need to help children to evaluate spoken, written and media texts in the light of God's Word, and to develop discernment in their speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and representing, in accordance with the principles given in the Bible (Philippians 4:8).

How do we teach English at WCCS?
At Wyong Christian Community School, English is taught from grades K-10 in four strands

  • Talking and Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Viewing and Representing (mainly in Years 7-12)

As required by the Board of Studies we also cover the following types of texts:

  • Prose fiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Film
  • Nonfiction
  • Media and multimedia
  • Shakespeare

Students have the opportunity to fully explore their God given ability in English with a number of students completing the Extension 1 English course for the HSC. The Extension 2 (old 4 unit) English course was also taught in 2010.

Examples of some of the texts we teach

Prose Fiction- To Kill a Mockingbird, Holes, Narnia, Goodnight Mr Tom, Emma, Looking for Alibrandi, Sleepwalking, Fiftieth Gate, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

Drama- Hating Alison Ashley, The Crucible, Educating Rita.

Films- Rabbit Proof Fence, Enchanted, Truman Show, Run Lola Run, Much Ado About Nothing, The Matrix, Blade Runner, 10 Things I Hate About You, Life is Beautiful.

Shakespeare- Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer nights Dream, Taming the Shrew, Othello, Hamlet.

Media-Newspapers, Magazines, Advertising, Sit-Coms, Radio, Documentaries.

Non-fiction- Texts on the Holocaust, Autobiography.

Poetry- Kenneth Slessor, Bruce Dawe, Wilfred Owen, Steven Herrick, Judith Wright, Peter Skrzynecki.
HSIE: Human Society and Its Environment

HSIE is a department whose mission and endeavour is to enable students to develop an appreciation for lifelong learning through the development of informed, well founded and focused areas of study. Students are encouraged to critically assess the world around them from a biblical perspective so that they are able to question and formulate ideas, develop opinions and contribute to their society through well structured and founded beliefs that have firm foundations.

Students are encouraged to engage within the learning process itself. The unlocking of research enables learning so that students may be able to question and develop multiple levels of interest in their studies.
This assists students so that they may contribute to their functionality within our society, recognize Christ's mandate to love and serve others, and develop an informed level of civics and citizenship. In this sense, they may present a range of ideas which may inform others or add to discussions of interest from a moral, ethical, religious and academic standpoint. Confidence and self-esteem are important indicators which may enable students to take advantage of continued learning opportunities and experiences and are better able to interact with their peers within a social or work related context.

Christ Centred approaches to learning

We are relational beings. Being mindful of our place, position and ability to influence others for good we should acknowledge our salvation and demonstrate the grace of our Lord Jesus, the same grace that saved us. It is our purpose to be positive role models, straightforward and free from complication or misunderstanding. This is our challenge in a world that can seem chaotic or even out of control. God's word teaches about freedom and redemption, we trust that this is also conveyed in what we do within Wyong Christian Community School so that purpose, hope and encouragement are offered to the students in our care.

What we do:

HSIE is evidenced within many aspects of school life, starting in Primary School and being found within the Middle and Senior School areas.

The study of government, the environment, ancient cultures and modern societies, geography, our regional and global roles, nationhood, legal frameworks, business, work, people and personalities are a few of the examples of learning that are undertaken within this subject area.

There are a broad range of studies within learning programs which may consider a variety of events such as our involvement in the Vietnam War, how to reflect on our past in relation to indigenous communities, the development and application of family law, cultural and social changes within Australian society since WW2, environmental policies through the application of geographic information and the dismissal of government to name only a few.

As a department there is much to teach, impart and challenge young people about and this is always exciting and rewarding.

Galileo once said that "Mathematics is the alphabet with which God wrote the universe."
Mathematics in NSW is compulsory for all students from Kindergarten to Year 10 and an elective in Year 11 and 12.

At Wyong Christian Community School, we desire to make the teaching of Mathematics relevant and rewarding for our students. In our teaching, we aim to present the curriculum from a strong Christian perspective by giving regular acknowledgement of God's rightful place in the centre of all that we are learning.

In the Mathematics Department at Wyong Christian Community School, our aim is to encourage our students to have positive, adventurous attitudes and interest in Mathematics by presenting Mathematics as a living art which is enjoyable and intellectually exciting, aesthetically satisfying and relevant to a wide variety of applications.

We seek to develop each student's God given ability to communicate mathematically and approach given problems rigorously using appropriate techniques and equipment, interacting with their peers and environment where useful for learning. We want them to be able to explain why their solution is true and justify the steps they took to arrive at their answer(s) not just looking to the correct answer but the methodology.

Students are encouraged to be creative and to use Mathematics in their future studies and world of work so that they can be responsible stewards of present and future environments. Ultimately we seek to equip them to be effective and successful citizens.

For a long time, mathematical concepts have been explained on a chalkboard followed by the practising of the concepts taught. This was really the only method of teaching available in most mathematics classrooms. While the rigorous nature of the subject still requires students to develop and practise skills in this manner, the introduction of technology has opened up new opportunities for improving each student's understanding. Technology now allows students to easily see the beautiful, dynamic and variable nature of such areas of Mathematics as geometry, trigonometry, statistics and calculus. Visual demonstrations via a data projector or on their own computer screen in the computer laboratory, now enables students to see a clearer connection between the concrete or 'hands-on' and the abstract or 'algebraic'.

Each year many of our students enter external competitions. Our students compete annually in the ICAS Mathematics Competition, World Maths Day and internal competitions. We regularly teach Extension 1 Mathematics for the HSC and have also taught the Extension 2 (old 4 unit) Mathematics course.

The needs of students are met through a variety of methods including one to one support at lunch times where necessary.
Personal Development, Health And Physical Education

At WCCS we aim to develop students who are holistically healthy. This means they are balanced across all areas of health; mental, spiritual, social and physical. Our main objective is to provide students with necessary information to make informed decisions about their own personal health, and their wider community. In practical lessons students experience a variety of sports, games and physical activities to give them the skills necessary to develop and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Each of the areas of study is investigated from a Christian perspective as students are challenged with applying an understanding of moral, ethical and spiritual considerations.

Years 7-10 (Stage 4 and 5) PD/H/PE
In each stage students will study school based units of work covering all areas of the curriculum. These are studied in both practical and theoretical lessons. The four curriculum areas are:
  • Self and Relationships
  • Movement Skill and Performance
  • Individual and Community Health
  • Lifelong Physical Activity

Year 9-10 Elective - Physical Activity and Sports Studies
Students in Years 9 and 10 have the opportunity to further develop their interests and knowledge in this area through the elective subject PASS (Physical Activity And Sports Studies). Physical Activity And Sports Studies promotes active and healthy lifestyles through participation in various sports and physical activities. It also embraces the importance of literacy and study skills, with coursework that targets the multiple intelligences. PASS includes many off site activities such as group fitness, learn to surf, corporate golf day and specialised sport programs. This is also an avenue to gain qualifications such as Coaching and Bronze Medallion Lifesaving to enhance their learning.

Year 11-12 Elective - 2 Unit PD/H/PE
Students continuing to study their HSC at WCCS can elect to take 2unit Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.
Preliminary (Yr 11) Core Units: Better Health for Individuals and The Body in Motion
Preliminary Options: First Aid and Fitness Choices are studied by current students. (Students also have the opportunity to obtain their Senior First Aid qualification).
HSC (Yr 12) Core Units: Health Priorities in Australia and Factors Affecting Performance.
HSC Options: Sports Medicine and Improving Performance are studied by current students.
Science at Wyong Christian Community School

At Wyong Christian Community School, Science is the key learning area where students develop knowledge, understandings, skills, values and attitudes in Science and the use of Science in Technology, which are essential for all students to succeed in and beyond their schooling. Science is an area of the curriculum that has great influence. All of the Technology which we appreciate in the world today has come about because of an understanding of the Science involved.

An understanding and appreciation of the physical, biological, chemical and technological world and the ability to make responsible and informed decisions in relation to our God given environment is essential for young people to be responsible disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To achieve this, the Science Faculty seeks to pursue the following goals:
  • To create an environment where each child's individual gifts are fostered, recognising that each child is a unique creation, loved by God. - 1 Timothy 4:4 "For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected ."
  • To create an environment where students are encouraged to love God and to live a life of obedience to Him. - 2 John 6 "And this is love: that we walk in obedience to His commands."
  • To model Christ to our students in our words and actions. - 1 Corinthians 11:1 "Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ."
  • To provide an environment where children are nurtured, disciplined with love and accepted as valuable members of our community. - Hebrews 12:11 "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, discipline produces a harvest of righteousness, and peace for those who have been trained by it."
  • To teach the required curricula with a Biblical focus thus allowing the students to formulate a Christian world view. - Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding: in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight."

Science and Technology is the study of God's creation and the tools man has devised to support or improve our way of life. It involves systematic investigation and discovery of our surroundings as well as a body of knowledge gained through the research of others. Science and Technology is the interaction of Gods perfect creation and mans best efforts to utilise our God given resources and intelligence.

The study of Science at Wyong Christian Community School is grounded on the following biblical truths:

  • God is the creator of all things both visible and invisible and the sustainer of our universe (Genesis 1:1, Isaiah 45:12, Hebrews 1:3)
  • People are created beings in the image of God (Genesis 1:27)
  • People were given dominion and stewardship of the earth (Genesis 2:19)

With these biblical truths as a foundation, the study of Science and Technology can help us to understand our Creator and fulfill our God given role as stewards in a God pleasing manner.

For more information about what teaching science at WCCS involves, our objectives for this KLA and how we go about achieving them, please download the following document: Science At WCCS.pdf
At Wyong Christian Community School our approach to teaching the Technological and Applied Studies Course depends not only on respect for a person's integrity, but also acknowledgment of their dependence upon God in their daily lives. Students should come to recognise that their work and study within the area is a means of glorifying God and serving others.

From a Christian perspective, the course enables students to develop skills, strive for excellence and develop mastery within a broad range of topics. We seek to encourage our students to achieve results commensurate with their God-given gifts, talents and abilities.

One extremely important feature of the TAS course is the opportunity for students to work collectively on various tasks, and in so doing, effectively embrace the "classroom layout and expectations". The TAS environment encourages students to participate in demonstrations, share equipment, machines and workspaces while interacting with the teacher and each other on a more informal level. The teacher has an ideal opportunity to develop relationships on a far more practical level, allowing for Christian principles and character to be displayed in a far wider scope than that of the teacher in the traditional classroom. Teachers of TAS need to pray/strive for wisdom, integrity and patience in their calling to teach in this environment. The rewards can far exceed the effort.

As the students progress within the subject area, we aim to be able to accurately identify individual spheres of giftedness, and then be able to develop and extend them within those areas. It is important that we teach both overtly and covertly that God honours both strictly intellectual and academic pursuits as well as more practical and manual skills. These need not be seen as competing, but rather as complementary within the body of Christ.

In addition, it is good for the students to recognise that God (who is a creative being) has made us to be creative. We have been given the opportunity to interpret, shape and in some ways alter our environment in an attempt to improve the quality of life on the planet. For thousands of years, mankind has designed and applied technology to solve the challenges presented by the environment in which he/she has lived. The areas of focus within the TAS faculty allow the specific study of problem solving.


In Food Technology, the units of work that are developed and taught at WCCS are based on these syllabuses with the additional emphasis on Biblical principles and God's family.

Emphasis is on:
  • God as the ultimate designer
  • Our creation in the likeness of God, incorporating intelligence, giftedness and our ability to develop design solutions to improve our quality of life.
  • God's concern for the state of our well being through relationship with Him and how we treat our body.
  • The important knowledge of nutrition in order to care for our bodies as God intended.
  • Developing an appreciation for how wonderfully complex we have been made by God. Psalm 139:14 - Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvellous - how well I know it.
  • Historical and cultural differences between our modern diet and the food eaten by Jesus, Jews under the old law and the changes implemented by God relating to the cleanliness of some food types. The Bible is a strong guide to maintaining our bodies as living temples of Christ.


Textiles Technology incorporates units of work that allow students to express the individuality and diversity of our God given gifts and talents as well as different tastes in clothing and textile designs. Students can relate the aesthetics of our clothes and the garments of different cultures and socio-economic classes to the splendour of Gods creation (Matthew 6:29). We place importance on this subject, as each student must be well equipped to understand and use technology, so they can participate in and contribute to the Australian society. This is to be emphasised to students in order to rule God's world by exercising wise stewardship in the use of technology, abilities, materials, processed and energy.

A spirit of cooperation is encouraged as students interact, sharing strengths in the textile area with less able students. The less formal nature of the subjects in this Key Learning Area create opportunities to promote meaningful servant relationships within the class.


People interpret and alter their environments in an attempt to improve the quality of their lives and often to impact national and international communities to glorify our God. Technologies constantly change and are developed to the extent that they have an impact on the environment and on most aspects of our daily lives.

Australia needs future generations who understand the holistic nature of design and technology and who can apply design processes, develop, communicate and justify solutions, create systems and use technologies to meet identified needs and opportunities. Student projects related to real-life contexts provide a rich setting for individuals and groups to develop holistic solutions and to discover underlying principles for quality design applications. They can investigate processes of design and technology in a responsible, safe, ethical and collaborative manner and in a range of design fields.

As Students get involved in the design process they should see and experience the work of the great Designer and a measure of His workmanship ought to be reflected in the work of our students.
Mission Vision Statement

The purpose of Missions at Wyong Christian Community School is to action Matthew 28:19: 'Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit' and 1 Corinthians 14:12 So it is with you. Since you are eager to have spiritual gifts, try to excel in gifts that build up the church.

Therefore, Mission offers students the opportunity to exercise their gifts through service to others and sharing the news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Missions should be central to what we do as a Christian school as we encourage students to move away from being individualistic and to put their eyes on loving and serving Jesus and others (Mark 12:29).

Missions is about capturing the very heartbeat of Jesus and the Great Commission and making it real, relevant and integral to the life of the school and students on a day to day basis.

Missions will be an overflow of 'Kingdom Collision' and one of the ministries that stems from this as we disciple and mentor students to become all they can be in God.

4 levels of Missions

School Community
How can students be given opportunity to 'go into all the school'? This can start in Junior School with students tying each others shoe laces, sharing with one another and other random acts of kindness which is then developed through the grades. Students are also involved in the planning and running of EXO days and Impact Services. We also have Kingdom Collision which is a ministry of the school that disciples young people and develops their gifts.

How can students be given opportunity to 'go into all the local area..'? Through initiatives such as the kids group in Wyong Primary School and getting students involved in helping with this program. This also includes running Scripture and Christmas Services in local Primary Public Schools. Furthermore, moving beyond our own school we need to connect and partner with other schools in our region and do missions together and serve one another.

How can students be given opportunity to 'go into all the Nation..'? This involves looking beyond our own region and ministering and serving the needs of our fellow peers in other areas. This may incorporate trips to other states such as the Northern Territory in Year 9.

How can students be given opportunity to 'go into all the world..'? This gives students the opportunity to look and discover the bigger picture and plan of God's salvation at work in the world. Students will be able to serve others and build the global church. As a school we have an annual mission trip to Samoa.

Our extracurricular activities allow students to specialise and excel in their area of interest.
Our high quality Musical Theatre program provides an opportunity for students to gain confidence and experience in a professional musical theatre setting.

Choirs are an integral part of Wyong Christian Community School with our award winning Junior and Senior Choirs participating in competitions at a local and regional level. Many of our individual students, together with the Senior Choir, audition to participate in Youth in Performing Arts, a series of concerts for the best of the Central Coast Performing Artists.

Drama students have the chance to be part of the Theatresports Team competing in the NSW School Theatresports Competition. Our teams have been successful over the years often winning at a regional level.

Our Visual Artists have been involved in regional exhibitions and installations.

Instrumental groups give students a chance to show their developing talents with our Wind Ensemble, Year 7 Ensemble and Worship Bands for Middle and Senior School students.

The Creative and Performing Arts are a chance for all students to participate in a quality program while having fun, building confidence and developing the talents God has given designed specifically for two-view stereoscopic video. The Multiview Video Coding extensions were completed in November 2009.
Sport at Wyong Christian Community School

At Wyong Christian Community School, students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of sports and physical activities. These include individual, house and team representation, which is school and Zone based levels as well as elite sporting opportunities. Our aim is to provide positive sporting experiences for all students K-12.

WCCS is affiliated with CSSA (Christian Schools Sports Association) as well as with CIS (Combined Independent Schools) Sports Association. These affiliations allow students to compete at Zone and State and National level in a wide range of individual and team sporting pursuits against other Christian Schools. We are a member of the Hunter Zone, competing against other schools in the THACCCSA (Taree, Hunter and Central Coast Christian Schools Association.) Students can then follow pathways where they compete against all the other Independent Schools in NSW and onto NSW All Schools (where they meet all Public and Independent Schools). If students continue to be highly successful in their chosen sport, they may have the opportunity to represent at a National level at All Schools competitions.

Above all, students are encouraged to develop and use their gifts in sport to honour Christ, the giver of all gifts, in the way they play with and against others. Students are encouraged to always do their best and that their best is always good enough.

Elite Opportunities in Sport.
Physical activities WCCS students are currently competing in include:
  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Triathlon
  • Netball
  • Touch Football
  • Oztag
  • Soccer
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Futsal

CSSA and CIS also provide pathways for individual students to pursue their chosen sports. For WCCS students these have included Gymnastics, Golf, Tennis, and AFL. Other activities on offer for individuals at a NSW CIS Level are AFL, Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Canoeing, Cricket, Cross Country, Diving, Equestrian, Soccer, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Rugby League, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Touch, Triathlon, Track Cycling and Volleyball.

Sports Leadership Opportunities:
The WCCS Sport Leadership team offers students the opportunity to assist with enhancing sport in their school. Students assist with Sport Carnivals, (including Zone level) as well as organising and facilitating events within WCCS and the wider community. The Sports Team is a great opportunity for senior students to further develop leadership qualities as they have hands on experience with coaching and management of junior sporting teams.
In-school fun focused activities where student leaders can get involved with encouraging maximum participation across Junior, Middle and Senior School include:
  • Fittest House competition
  • Strongest House competition,
  • Lightning Carnivals,
  • Active Challenges
  • Soccer World Cup
  • Inter-House Cricket Challenge

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