Welcome from our Heads of Secondary School

"We value our students both as individuals and as members of our Christian community."
Mrs Katie Worboys  |  Head of Secondary School

It is a great privilege to be working with the young men and women in Secondary School, because we see it as such an important transition time as you are becoming young adults; developing physically, socially and emotionally.

There are many opportunities at WCCS for our students to grow. To prepare our students for a lifetime of learning we will encourage them to become more responsible and responsive with their God-given gifts and talents. We are dedicated to creating an environment that holistically prepares students for their future. This includes preparing students to become engaged and critical thinkers, who are resilient and resourceful. We acknowledge qualities such as initiative, collaboration, self-discipline, and ingenuity to enable their individual growth. We provide opportunities to do this through sports, arts, leadership and community service, which will also allow students to explore and follow pathways into a range of careers and professions.

We have a wonderfully dedicated and talented group of teaching staff in Secondary School who are constantly involved in improvement programs themselves to enhance their capacity to minister to the students.

Our greatest passion is to equip our students not just for this life but for all eternity, and we believe this can only happen when we become disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. This calling genuinely permeates all we do in Secondary School. We believe that the message of salvation which is the gospel, brings security and a perspective that helps us make sense of the world, and we would dearly love to minister to your family in this capacity.