Junior School Student Leadership

Development of leadership in Junior School is another area of priority. We want to encourage our students to become future leaders in their chosen fields of endeavour. Our prayer is that our students will become compassionate, supportive, resilient, innovative and highly effective servant leaders. Our Year 6 students have the opportunity to seek leadership and service in a team that aligns with their interests. Typically our portfolios include Pastoral Care, Events, Celebration Assembly, Environment, Communications, Tech Team, plus any portfolio the students may wish to pioneer. We also have the more traditional Sport Leadership Roles and House Captains who serve our community weekly during Friday Sport and especially during Carnival seasons.

Students who are interested in the portfolios that require public speaking are encouraged to author and present a speech, to the Primary cohorts, outlining how they would support students and the portfolio in which they would like to serve. Less public, more behind-the-scenes portfolios, do not require a speech to accompany nominations.

We have high expectations of all of our Junior School Leaders, in dress and behaviour, as they are often greeters and the first point of contact for visitors joining us for school events. Our Junior School Leaders also represent the school at various community events during the year.