What is Christian Schooling?

Choosing to send your child to a Christian School is an important decision. On occasion, Christian Schools can sometimes be grouped with Faith Based Schools in terms of their philosophy. Whilst there exists some similarities there are also some key differences.

A Christian School is created with the premise that Biblical principles and values underpin everything that we do and permeate every area of school life, not just in religious education lessons or weekly chapel services.

"Biblical principles and values underpin everything that we do."
Mr Darren Milligan  |  Principal

All staff (not just teaching staff) who work at WCCS are committed Christians and passionate about sharing their faith with the students. This means they are not just sympathetic to the ethos of the school, rather that they are intentional in whatever their role, to contribute to the growth in spiritual maturity of the students in our care.

Administration, Grounds, Information Technology and Support Staff are all involved at times with school camps, sporting events or other initiatives. The staff as a collective body meet every morning for devotions, led by each member of staff on a rotational basis. This is a time of worship, fellowship, prayer, teaching and encouragement, and helps us all to be better equipped in our respective roles within the school community.

Wyong Christian Community School, like most other Christian schools, was originally set up to be a partnership between the home and the school to raise up young people who are committed in their faith, understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and have a desire to live out their faith through action.

What this means in terms of curriculum is that all content is taught from a Christian perspective. Whilst some particular subjects or topics within subjects lend themselves better to incorporating Christian values and Biblical principles, all teachers are given the specific mandate to embed a Christian perspective into everything they teach.

What it means in terms of pastoral care and discipline of students is that policies and procedures are written and enacted from a Biblical perspective. Working hard, being kind, showing respect, valuing others, speaking the truth in love, providing correction from a loving perspective and being effective peacemakers are all important Biblical principles that have their outworking in pastoral care and discipline.