What is a Christian Community School?

Raising young people to grow up to be mature and responsible members of society will always remain a challenge. The messages that they receive and role models they have are not always positive. Notions of materialism, selfishness, pride, envy, sexual promiscuity and discontentment are ideas that are repeatedly and overwhelmingly being presented to our children. The challenge to combat such negative (often subliminal) messages can be quite overwhelming.

At Wyong Christian Community School, we believe that the more the students can be influenced in a positive way and understand what God, through His word, the Bible, has to say on these and many other issues, the more likely they will respond in a positive manner.

We believe that the issues and content that is discussed during lessons has eternal significance. That our students should know they have been created by God, and that He deeply loves them. We believe students should find their hope, their self-worth, their identity, their value and their purpose in life through serving Jesus. These are not messages that the wider society is presenting to the students and it is for this reason that we see the thousands of hours that students spend in school as an opportunity to invest in their lives and help them to grow up into responsive and responsible disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.