For those who were part of our community last year, you may recall that we embarked on a journey to establish our school values. Often we talk about our values in various contexts and I felt it was helpful if we could ensure that we were all talking about the same things. After all, our vision and mission statement includes that we are founded on biblically based beliefs, values and behaviour. The process involved working with staff, parents, Senior Leadership and the School Board. What was particularly encouraging from my perspective, was across all stakeholders there was largely consistency with the themes that were coming through.

In determining our school values we first had to determine how many we were going to have. We wanted to ensure that we had enough to canvas the spectrum of the Christian life, but at the same time, not have so many that it became prohibitive to gain momentum on embedding them within our school culture. We decided on five school values.

The great challenge, as we have been reminded through this process, is that there are so many wonderful biblical values. In distilling down the many great suggestions, we also wanted to try and expand the character traits that may be evident in our community. We felt that some values were quite similar and overlapped somewhat. For example, if we chose five values of Honesty, Truth, Integrity, Trust and Sincerity, each would be good, but the focus of our values would be narrow. To that end, we broadened the values to canvas a range of character traits.

Similarly, Christian and Community are so integral to our school that we include them in the school name, so we didn’t feel it necessary to include them and limit the range of values we could have.

We recognise that not everyone will necessarily be in complete agreement with the values that have been decided, and there are others that would have been great to include, but through much prayer and discernment, we have made the decision to identify the five we have. They are all equally important and not in any ranking order.

The values of Wyong Christian Community School are:

· Integrity

· Compassion

· Respect

· Excellence

· Service

Each value is based on biblical passages and will be accompanied by a statement unpacking what it means. I’m really looking forward to embedding these into our documentation and practice over the coming months, and the rich conversations and subsequent fruit that will come from this journey.

God Bless,

Mr Darren Milligan | Principal