WCCS 2023 School Musical Honk! JR.

A message from Producer Mr Alex Hellyer:

In 2005 I was a Year 9 student at this school, and I was approached by the music teacher and musical producer, Mrs Suzanne Stein. She asked me to audition for the 'perfect part', which resulted in being cast as Greylag for Wyong Christian Community School’s 2005 production of Honk! JR. This was the spark that lit the fuse that became my love for drama and the performing arts. This was my first role in a production if you are willing to omit my titular role in my Year 5 Book Week production of Captain Underpants.

It is my hope that through this production we, as a community, have lit fuses that these students may carry on throughout the rest of their lives. Not only in the performing arts but in service and community.

Thank you to all those who supported our school in coming to see our production. You were hopefully blessed by the the extravagant delights of the vast array of talents we hold in this school. This is the result of all the things you haven’t been able to see; the long hours in the art rooms perfecting the sets, the multiple trips to Vinnies to find that perfect jacket that fits just right, the teaching and adapting of choreography with a group of dancers whose numbers vary each rehearsal, the constant demand of: 'sing louder' thrown into a quiet ensemble. I hope you are not fooled into thinking that this has occurred without vast amounts of service and commitment to this community that we call Wyong Christian Community School.

Honk! JR. tells the tale of a lost duckling's quest to find their rightful place, a fable that has resonated with audiences throughout the ages due to its timeless theme of navigating the complex emotions that arise from feeling like you don’t belong. As you watch this production, it is my humble prayer that you find solace in the acceptance and unconditional love bestowed upon us by our Savior, whose grace transcends all boundaries, embracing both ducks and swans alike.

With gratitude,

Mr Alex Hellyer