Book Week 2023

Delving into the realm of literature, WCCS recently embarked on a captivating journey as we celebrated this year's Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA)'s theme for Book Week this year: 'Read, Grow, Inspire'.

Under the guidance of our Teacher Librarian, Mrs Bronwyn Hutchings, our WCCS Book Week unfolded with a resounding echo of 'Read, Grow & Be Inspired by God’s Word'.

Literacy Day and Book Character Parade

The highlight of this week is always our whole school Book Parade on Literacy Day. Our special Disney guests effortlessly transported our young minds into a world of wonder. And of course, stealing the spotlight in his endearing fashion was Caesar, our beloved furry staff member who never fails to leave a trail of smiles.

From Kindergarten to Grade 12, students adorned the personas of their favorite book characters, breathing life into the pages of literature. The Parade, a kaleidoscope of literary imagination, in our Multi-Purpose Centre, welcoming families to join in the excitement. A special invitation extended to younger siblings added an extra dash of enchantment to the event.

Our Secondary students dressed up with their Home Room class and competed for a pizza lunch for the most creative class.

The day continued with Junior School classes embarking on a literary odyssey, venturing into a world of stories from the 2023 CBCA Shortlist, accompanied by engaging activities.

The finale of Literacy Day was the Junior School teachers acting out 'Ten Delicious Teachers' in a Reader’s Theatre.

Junior School Meal Deal Fundraiser

Harnessing the school values of Compassion and Service the library hosted a Sausage Sizzle Meal Deal Fundraiser for our Junior School students. The meals were more than just a treat for the taste buds; they also served a higher purpose. The proceeds from this endeavor generously supported Coast Shelter, a local charity offering shelter and aid to those in need.

Nurturing Curiosity: Beyond the Pages

In the spirit of literary exploration, our Library transformed into a sanctuary for curiosity, housing adorable baby chicks. As Book Week unfolded, students witnessed the miracle of hatching eggs, experiencing the joy of cradling these fragile new lives during their Library visits.

Cultivating Young Minds: The Reading Challenge

Our Reading Challenge engaged every Junior School class in a spirited quest for literary accomplishment. The endeavor was simple yet empowering: for each book read from our Library, a student would adorn a colored leaf with their name, class, the book's title, and a brief insight into the story's essence. As leaves transformed into a canopy of literary endeavors, the allure of winning pizzas awaits the winning class on the last day of term.

Our journey through Book Week illuminated not only the power of literature but also the spirit of unity that defines our school. As we close this enchanting chapter, the echoes of "Read, Grow & Be Inspired by God’s Word" linger in our hearts, a reminder that through the pages of each book, we embark on journeys of growth, enlightenment, and unending inspiration.