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We would like to welcome you to the Secondary School section of our website. We are Mrs Kirsty Watson (Head of Secondary – Teaching & Learning) and Mrs Katie Worboys (Head of Secondary – Student Wellbeing), and we have the great privilege of having oversight of the Secondary School student body. Secondary School comprises of Years 7-12. 

We see it as a great privilege to be working with the young men and women in Secondary School, that’s because we see it as such an important time for them where they are becoming young adults, developing physically, socially and emotionally. 

At a time when students are dealing with the pressure of peers, societies and parent’s expectations, they may also be determining what career path they want to take and what further courses of study may be necessary to fulfil that. They are developing their own independence and creative forms of expression and learning to think deeply and critically about important issues, locally and globally. 

We know that the leaders of tomorrow are going to be required to operate in a world that looks different to the one we live in today. Qualities such as initiative, collaboration, self-discipline and ingenuity are going to be valued much more than perhaps they previously have been. How we best equip our students with these qualities is an ongoing wrestle, especially when much of our traditional forms of assessment don’t measure them at all.

Hopefully, you are getting a sense that here at WCCS we are constantly working to minister to our students in the best way to meet their needs. We are passionate in Secondary School about academic rigour, and developing our students to be engaged critical thinkers, but we are also interested in growing the whole student. We are keen to see our students fulfilling their potential in performing arts, sports, community service and being learners for life, not just while they are at school. We have a wonderfully committed group of teaching staff in Secondary School who are constantly involved in improvement programs themselves to enhance their capacity to minister to the students.

If you are aware of our Vision Statement, you will know that our greatest passion is to equip our students not just for this life but for all eternity, and we believe this can only happen when we become disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it’s important for you to know that this genuinely permeates all we do in Secondary School. We believe that the message of salvation that the gospel is brings a security and a perspective that helps us make sense of all the world, and we would dearly love to minister to your young person in this capacity.

We would love to chat with you about any questions you might have about Christian Education or Secondary School here at WCCS, we look forward to seeing you around.

Mrs Kirsty Watson | Head of Secondary (Teaching & Learning)

Mrs Katie Worboys | Head of Secondary (Student Wellbeing)

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