Junior School (K-6)

Why should you send your children to Wyong Christian Community School? 

We have built a reputation in the community for being an extremely kind and caring community. 

This stems from the fact that our teachers are all committed Christians who believe that they have been called to minister in this school to these children God has entrusted into our care. So education is not a career for us, it is our calling, and we take that responsibility very seriously. 

We get a lot of kids coming into our school that have had a history of bullying and torment in various systems; we restore them, then help them to excel. 

All of our curriculum material is presented from a Biblical perspective. The students achieve the same NSW Board of Studies outcomes that all students learn, because one day they will be competing for university and career positions. The difference is that our kids learn the material from God’s point of view, as presented in the Bible, in an environment that is much more supportive and conducive to success.

We believe that strong Christian families and strong Church communities develop healthy, happy and successful kids. 

Our mission is to develop responsive and responsible disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ; disciples that will eventually become the preachers, pastors, doctors, teachers, scientists and business men and women of the future, for the glory of God.

Please come and visit and experience the difference for yourself – you will feel it!

Mr Paul Marks | Head of Junior School

Secondary School

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Christian Schooling

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