Human Society & Its Environment

Human Society & Its Environment (HSIE) is a department whose mission and endeavour is to enable students to develop an appreciation for lifelong learning through the development of informed, well founded and focused areas of study. Students are encouraged to critically assess the world around them from a biblical perspective so that they are able to question and formulate ideas, develop opinions and contribute to their society through well structured and founded beliefs that have firm foundations. 

Students are encouraged to engage within the learning process itself. The unlocking of research enables learning so that students may be able to question and develop multiple levels of interest in their studies.

This assists students so that they may contribute to their functionality within our society, recognize Christ’s mandate to love and serve others, and develop an informed level of civics and citizenship. In this sense, they may present a range of ideas which may inform others or add to discussions of interest from a moral, ethical, religious and academic standpoint. Confidence and self-esteem are important indicators which may enable students to take advantage of continued learning opportunities and experiences and are better able to interact with their peers within a social or work related context. 

Christ-centered approaches to learning: 

We are relational beings. Being mindful of our place, position and ability to influence others for good we should acknowledge our salvation and demonstrate the grace of our Lord Jesus, the same grace that saved us. It is our purpose to be positive role models, straightforward and free from complication or misunderstanding. This is our challenge in a world that can seem chaotic or even out of control. God’s word teaches about freedom and redemption, we trust that this is also conveyed in what we do within Wyong Christian Community School so that purpose, hope and encouragement are offered to the students in our care. 

What We Do:

HSIE is evidenced within many aspects of school life, starting in Junior School and being found within Secondary School.

The study of government, the environment, ancient cultures and modern societies, geography, our regional and global roles, nationhood, legal frameworks, business, work, people and personalities are a few of the examples of learning that are undertaken within this subject area. 

There are a broad range of studies within learning programs which may consider a variety of events such as our involvement in the Vietnam War, how to reflect on our past in relation to indigenous communities, the development and application of family law, cultural and social changes within Australian society since WW2, environmental policies through the application of geographic information and the dismissal of government to name only a few. 

As a department there is much to teach, impart and challenge young people about and this is always exciting and rewarding.