Creative & Performing Arts

Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA) allows students to develop and use their talents in the areas of Drama, Music and Visual Arts. Students are encouraged to recognise the talents they have are a gift from God and learn how those talents can be used to glorify Him. Our programs foster a love for all things creative and seek to nurture creativity and innovation.

Drama is a vital part of our program with students exposed to Drama as part of the Year 7 program and then as an option for Years 9-12. Our Year 7 Drama program encourages students to develop confidence and resilience in a fun, interactive way. Elective Drama, in Years 9 & 10, further hones student’s skills in performance and analysis of theatre. Our Higher School Certificate course enables students to specialise in an area of Drama whilst further developing their creativity.

Our Visual Arts program exposes students to a variety of art forms and allows students to develop their skills and ideas in art-making. Visual Arts in Years 7 & 8 allows students to explore a variety of mediums and forms whilst developing technical skills. Students who continue in Elective Visual Arts further develop and refine those skills. Students can then specialise in form and media, developing their own style as they prepare for the Higher School Certificate. Our students have completed major works in Sculpture, Photography, Painting, Drawing and Film.

Music allows students to explore creativity in a fun and encouraging environment. Students in Years 7 & 8 work on their practical skills on keyboard and guitar combined with basic theory and composition skills. This allows students who enjoy their music to continue in Elective Music where they can develop their own instrumental or vocal style within a range of topic areas. Higher School Certificate Music encourages students to specialise in Performance, Composition or Viva Voce. Classes have an atmosphere of support and enthusiasm as these students pursue their God-given talents.

Our Year 7 Working Beyond Creative Arts class, for Music and Visual Arts, enables students who are working above the general standard in Music or Visual Arts to be challenged. This continues throughout Year 8 and allows students to be extended in these subjects.